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The big brother of our MultiCut CUTX BASIC X5044, with improved controls and adjustable knife output. A special novelty is the top slider in the freewheel, which is mainly intended for vertical cuts. The MultiCut MAX CUTX BASIC X6060 is suitable for cuts in all conventional packaging and is an all-rounder for branches, warehouses, offices and crafts. Due to its low weight, it is also gentle on your wrist during frequent use and fits well in your hand due to its softly rounded shape. A cord can be pulled through the screw at the end of the handle. The knife can be operated from above or from the side. The MultiCut CUTX BASIC X6060 is very durable thanks to its double-sided, replaceable blade. Different types of knives can be used.


SKU: X6060 MDP
  • Suitable for the food industry

    Security level: 1

    Replaceable blade: YES

    Weight: 45g

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 142x31x15 mm

    Cutting depth: 16mm or 23mm (adjustable)

    Basic material: Plastic

    Replacement blades for MDP-X6060:

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