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Our all-rounder is safe, light, small and affordable for branches, warehouses, offices and trades. The MultiCut CUTX BASIC X5044 is suitable for cutting foil, paper, cardboard and much more. Thanks to its low weight, it is also gentle on your wrist with frequent use. The rounded handle fits well in the hand. The short blade protects the goods in the package. Extremely durable and economical thanks to the rectangular blade, which can be used on four sides and is replaceable.


SKU: X5044 MDP
  • Suitable for the food industry

    Security level: 1

    Replaceable blade: YES

    Weight: 21g

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 115x26x10 mm

    Cutting depth: 9.2mm

    Basic material: Plastic

    Replacement blades for MDP-X5044:

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