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Meet our Multicut MAX X6060, the big brother of our Multicut X5044! This improved version has an adjustable blade exit and improved handling, making cutting in all common packaging even easier. The top slide in the freewheel is a special novelty and is mainly intended for vertical cuts. The Multicut MAX X6060 is an all-rounder that is suitable for branches, warehouses, offices and crafts. The light weight protects your wrist during frequent use and the gently rounded shape ensures a comfortable grip. The screw at the end of the handle allows a lanyard to be attached for added convenience during use. The blade can be operated from the top as well as from the side and retracts automatically for extra safety. The blade is dual-use and replaceable, making the Multicut MAX X6060 a sustainable choice. In addition, different blade types are possible. Suitable for both right and left handed people. Discover the power of the Multicut MAX X6060 for an efficient cutting experience!


SKU: X6060
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 142x31x15mm

    Product weight: 45g

    depth of cut: 16mm or 23mm

    Base material: plastic

    Security Level: 1

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