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Meet our best-selling tool: the MultiCut X5044! This versatile safety knife is an indispensable helper in shops, warehouses and offices. With the MultiCut X5044 you can effortlessly cut foil, paper, cardboard and many other materials. The knife is lightweight and easy to handle, even with intensive use. Thanks to the short blade, goods in the packaging are not damaged. In addition, the blade has an automatic retraction for extra safety during use. The blade is replaceable and can be used on four sides, which increases the durability of the tool. Suitable for both right and left handed people. The MultiCut X5044 is TÜV GS certified and is a safe, compact and affordable solution for all your cutting needs!


SKU: X5044
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 115*26*10mm

    Product weight: 21g

    depth of cut: 9.2mm

    Base material: plastic

    Security Level: 1

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