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The VarioCut X7070 is the best and most versatile safety knife we offer and is the perfect companion for warehouse workers. This knife is designed to provide maximum comfort, while your employees and goods are protected to the maximum thanks to the hidden blade. The blade is held securely in place in the blade head and can be replaced without tools by simply replacing the blade head. This minimizes the risk of injury. The ergonomic design makes it easy to cut intensively in different materials such as tires, foils, fabrics, paper, cardboard and adhesive tape. This safety knife is suitable for both right and left handed people. Moreover, the costs are low because the knife can be used on both sides and the knives are easily interchangeable. Choose from different blade types to meet your specific needs. With the VarioCut X7070 you are assured of a durable and reliable safety knife.


SKU: X7070
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):149x39x123mm

    product weight: 20g

    cutting depth:22mm

    basic material:plastic

    security level:3

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